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Tis the Conference Season

A few weeks ago, I was awarded a scholarship to attend the American Association of State and Local History. The theme “Connecting People to Place” is so appropriate to what we are trying to do at the museum that I wish the conference was tomorrow. My goal over the next few months is to keep our volunteer base engaged and expand their sphere of influence at the museum. I have created a list of projects we need to complete in 3 months and I really need their help to make a dent – there are fourteen 8 1/2 x 11 panels lining the wall of the lab. Connecting them with this fantastic place is going to be a big part of that engagement.

I also got word today that the museum is sending me to the Society of American Archivists conference this year. I’m stoked. I missed the conference last year so I’m happy for the chance to catch up with colleagues. But: it’s “work work work” this year. I’ll be scouting for fellow adventurers who are crazy yet competent and have the vision to recognize an incredible opportunity when they hear it. Last week I shook hands with a Kennedy. Two years ago I lived in the same town with the Kennedys, and had no chance in h&ll of ever meeting one. This is an incredible project. We’ve made whorl-wind progress in the last few months and I’m excited to share what we’ve accomplished and bring on some new people to keep up the pace.