Hot Australia

I feel like I discovered the real Australia this week: Trying to live in a city in 105 degrees – the trams are death traps, the beaches are full, the ice cold ocean feels like it breaths new life, and at the end of the day, after you finished your mad city traffic commute, a cold one tastes like a kiss from an angel.

I tried to stay out of the city. But when I couldn’t, I went to the beach.

Lunch and a dip at St. Kilda Esplanade, Melbourne.


View from lunch.


View from Brighton Beach, Melbourne cityscape in the background.

Snorkeling at Brighton Beach, Melbourne (first snorkel since Grand Turk, I might add). We saw 3 different types of pufferfish, two types of starfish and an electric ray. Fish of the day:

Porcupinefish 800px-Diodon_nicthemerus

Porcupine fish.

Also good:


Common purple sea star


Electric ray



This seastar a pest shipped in from the North Pacific by ships ballast.



















Riding the waves, Ocean Grove, Bellarine Peninsula…except it was calm as the Bay.


Rule of travel: hang with the locals. They know the spots. It’s 106 degrees F and we have a practically isolated beach.

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