You Yangs mini hike

20131230-173743.jpgBetween Geelong and Melbourne rise a group of granite peaks called the You Yangs, called after the traditional name Wurdi Youang or Ude Youang meaning “big mountain in the middle of a plain.”

In 1802, Flinders climbed this mountain to survey the Bay – which I did not know until I saw the sign below, posted at the top of a path with many, many stairs that went a long way up – 1.7k up a 147m grade or 1mi up a 482ft grade – just a lovely stroll.


In between heaving breaths, I managed to notice a few interesting things along the trails. There are many different types of gum leaves, ants work hard, this tree has spines:


There was plenty to observe because every single plant was foreign to me. The scenery was lovely, and the bay and Melbourne were visible along the horizon with yellow grass running all the way to the beaches.


Oh, AND, I got really excited because there was a huge sign that said “Geoglyph” and I thought I was going to get a travel “win” by seeing all three geoglyph locations in the world. Turned out it was a 2006 art project honoring the traditional land owners byAustralian artist Andrew Rogers. I watched several passer-byers start a conversation with their kids about why it was there. Heh, what do you know? Celebrating landscape through art.


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