2012 IVDM Summary

In 2012 I helped open a museum. It didn’t quite hit me until I drafted the annual report. I was most surprised by how it didn’t seem to end. It is 16 pages. And that isn’t even the behind-the-scenes development stuff, just the day to day activities and operations at the museum. 16 pages.  It’s overwhelming how much we did, because this year we are going to triple it.

The 2012 report in the process of getting approved by the board, but here is the draft table of contents:

1.       Introduction

2.       Opening the Museum & Visitation
2.1       Opening the Museum & Attendance
2.2       Online Media and Visitation

3.       Curation Laboratory Development

4.       Inventory Project
4.1       Summary
4.2       Temperature and Relative Humidity Controls

5.        Archives Project

6.       Partnerships
6.1       Colorado Desert Archaeological Society (CDAS)
6.2       Imperial Free County Library
6.3       SDG&E
6.3.1    Native American Intern Program

7.       Summer Youth Program

8.       Events & Exhibits
8.1       Star Gazing in the Desert
8.2       Exhibit Research for Museum Month
8.3       Volunteer Curation
8.4       3,000 Artifacts in a Day
8.5       Sundance Institute’s Film Forward Program
8.6       Art Workshops – Watercolor & Photography
8.7       Exhibit Openings
8.8       Informal Hiking

9.       Grants
9.1       Ceramic Art Program – Exploring our Desert Culture Grant
9.2       Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
9.3       DOVES Youth Healthy Living
9.4       Grants In Process
9.4.1    Achieving Sustainability in the Desert Environment
9.4.2    Reuniting Archives and Artifacts
9.4.3    Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums
9.4.4    Collections Stewardship Assessment, MAP
9.4.5    Conservation Assessment Program

10.       Gift Shop

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