Anne’s intro

We toured Ocotillo for the first time. Again. I’ve been without a car for months, but with new comers to consider at the trailer, the powers that be have been granted us the museum vehicle. It doesn’t have air conditioning and the brakes are beginning their warning squeak, but that’s as much endearing as a┬ánuisance. After all, it roles faster than I can walk. The ride around town was as refreshing for me as it was new for Anne. The local cactus guru was out tending his garden and he gave a quick desert intro – don’t touch those, those have good fruit, those have flowers that smell like heaven.

Now well prepared (and even if she wasn’t), we headed out into the desert.

I’m engaged in a mini-battle of the Big Year with one of the Director’s sons, so I have to keep my documented proof:

Peregrine Falcon. Beat that, Lucas (who lives in the big town).

Across the street, what we once toured as open desert is now under construction:

The only constant is change.


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