Art in Miniature

The artist who arranged the museum’s Every Day is Earth Day exhibit invited Jenica and I to another opening this weekend. In Mexicali, Mexico.

The exhibit Madrecita: Arte en Miniatura allowed people to get up close and personal with the pieces. There were several that enticed the viewer with minute details, compelling a closer look and an intimate study of the work.

After the opening, which started at 9pm, we went out for karaoke, which was good for practicing our Spanish.

The artists didn’t stop working. (Sound familiar? I think we are going to get along with this crowd.)

Jorge Estrada, photographer

Pablo Castaneda, Visual artist

We got home as the sun came up.

One Response to Art in Miniature

  1. I forgot the most important part: we were called upon as Museum representatives to cut the opening ribbon. Probably the only time I will ever get to do that…