With a boss like this, who needs a reference?

Someone once asked me in an interview setting what my former employers would say about me. Since I’ve met Dr. Hitch this has become an easy question to answer. He’s always telling me I work to hard and once he said “she produces the most amount of work I’ve ever known anyone to accomplish EVER.” That would be my go-to tagline if only he’d said something about the work’s high quality.

But now I don’t have to say anything – it’s in print: http://hitch-n-tci.blogspot.com/2012/03/el-centro-arts-festival.html


Also, if you read the “nostalgia” blog and for the record, I did not answer the ad at the conference touting sunshine and sandy beaches. I may have mentioned this before, because I don’t get tired of setting the record straight. I saw that sign much later. When I did discover it, I was glad I’d talked to Dr. Hitch first. I never would have answered that ad. I wasn’t looking for a free vacation and an adventure, I was looking for a learning and growth experience. Friends and colleagues came looking for me to tell me of this at-risk archives collection that needs the assistance of someone with my skills and attitude. And oh yeah…. there are a lot of white sandy beaches.

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