Passover and Easter Weekend

I was invited to a community Seder, recognized by the Community by virtue of my last name. And here I thought my background was anonymous and nondescript!


The synagogue is modest, built by the first farmers who pooled funds years and years ago, and a rabbi comes in from San Diego once a month to lead a service. It’s a community held together by a dedicated couple who have vowed that there will be a Jewish community as long as they are around.


It was a lovely service, pieced together by several individuals who contributed food and desserts and charosets. It was slightly comical – everyone singing different melodies to the same song, but it was true to it’s purpose: telling the story for another year.


This is my first Seder for several years. This year I heard the story differently. I heard it through the context of my work at the museum. The Easter sermon service was the same. I’ve been mentally going back and forth between these two ancient celebrations, their stories, their message, and their meaning. There is enough to ponder for a life time.


Easter service this year was at the First United Methodists Church. I was dared to sing in the choir when the congregation was invited up. “Well,” I thought “if you are going to have a new experience, might as well do it with gusto.” I’ve never been very good at reading choir music, but the holidays for me are centered around re-creating familiar traditions. My grandparents used to love singing in the choir and we do it for Christmas when called on, so I did it in the spirit of those memories. Anyway, I’m usually good at following the director, but I had the gents singing in my ear and so I accidentally switched back and forth between soprano and baratone. Oh well, it was fun to try.


It was a busy weekend with 3 easter egg hunts – one in Ocotillo amongst the cactus, one on the grassy church lawn in El Centro, and one glow-in-the-dark hunt for the big kids. Busy, but very fun, and very rejuvenating – which is good, because April is just getting warmed up… and I don’t just mean the temperature.

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