Desert People…

support the arts….


On the way back from Anza-Borrego Archeology weekend, we had to stop to take a closer look at Dennis Avery’s famous desert sculptures.



This explanation from California Travel Expert:

“More than 130 sculptures are located on 3 square miles of Galleta Meadows Estates, which sits along Borrego Springs Road. Each metal sculpture was commissioned by Dennis Avery, owner of the Galleta Meadows Estate, and built by Sky Art artist Ricardo Breceda. Highlights include a field of farm workers, a stranded desert Jeep and an awesome 350-foot serpent that travels beneath the highway. Many of these larger-than-life sculptures resemble the prehistoric creatures that once roamed Borrego Valley, ranging from giant sloths and camels to wooly Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. Outside the chamber of commerce, you’ll find a replica of Spanish explorer Juan Bautista De Anza, who blazed the trail from Mexico to San Francisco in 1775.”

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