County Fair

Dr. Hitch explaining the Museum's mission to Alberto Caliban an exhibitor for Kitchen Kraft Cookware.

The number one question we get at the museum is “What’s going on out there?” To address this question we are at the Imperial Valley County Fair in the Plaza De Las Culturas.


The fair lasts 10 days. You can only put 2 staff members names on the entrance list. Since we are trying to open a museum here we are tag teaming it with one person at the table at a time – me, mostly. It’s easy to share the excitement of the latest developments with people who stop by the table. Yesterday I met people who went to the museum ground breaking. They were little then and are now grown into full adults. People have been waiting a long time to hear the message we are giving: “We are open.”

For the last two years we have been working on curation of the College’s archeology collections. It’s the number one step to getting the museum up and running then we can start developing exhibits and fully open the doors. At the Star Party in January? We expected maybe 30 people to trickle in, but one hundred and thirty people came out. We took that as a sign that people want to know what we are doing so we made a big push to open the doors last week. We don’t have full exhibits up, but if you are at all interested in what we are doing you can come by Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-3 and see what’s happening at the museum.






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