Gone Shootin’

I’ve been back in Ocotillo for 4 days.


Day 1: Catch up day. We had a monday meeting to go over the priorities. It was a bit of a walk to get to the meeting room:


But worth the amenities:

Monday Meeting

Monday Meeting 2

Coffee Anyone?

Day 2: IMLS funded California Connecting to Collections (C3) preservation grant funding workshop. Consensus view: our 6 week workshop holds it’s own against C3’s nationally funded state program.


Group Photo

Balboa Park, San Diego

Day 3: Surveyed and processed the Museum Society’s records. Discovered that updated copy of the By Laws. And a mouse skeleton.


You don’t need to see that picture.


Today, Saturday, I went shooting for the first time, even though it was high winds. I was nervous about this, but told that we wouldn’t be shooting at any distance where bullets could stray, it would just be a challenge aiming at the target.

I was fine holding the empty gun, but once that baby had bullets in it I treated it with kid gloves. Loaded guns are scary. We shot a .22 and a .537. I liked the .537. It kicked.

Unloaded .22

We did target practice with the .22 and I managed to hit where I aimed a few times… at 10 feet. I backed up to give myself more of a challenge (15ft) and shot a bit wide, but come on… 25-35mph winds. I was getting blown around like a tumble weed.

Two perfect bulls-eyes, three slightly less so.

As Day 5 approaches you can’t help but wonder what’s next. Actually, I know what’s next because we’ve reviewed the priorities, it’s just a matter of getting it done.

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