Gearing up 2012: Library and “Fort Yuma”

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the museum last week was the shelves are up in the conservation room.


The second thing I noticed was:

"Fort Yuma" out of lab packaging. Complete with the general's conference room (table and chairs) at the end of the tunnel.


The boxes that the conservation lab furniture arrived in was imaginatively repurposed into a fort loosely inspired by Fort Yuma. The director’s children often keep him company on his weekend work. Their parental dedication is awarded by the freedom to play. It is this spirit that inspires a lot of our programming. I’m fine with this. If you work 60 hours a week, the Saturday program might as well be fun.


And this week it’s a good one. Saturday, we’ll be making ceramic pottery with the traditional coil clay methods used by the local tribes, followed by an evening star gazing event. The folks in the Valley seem really excited to have the museum up and running. Someone’s child brought a flyer home from school about the event and no one at the museum knows who made them, how many were distributed, or how many people to expect tomorrow. Personally, I think it’s a good sign of the local support for the museum.


We spent the day getting our house in order for an unanticipated amount of visitors.


The other day we broke Fort Yuma down to use the cardboard to envision our new exhibit space. Today it was all swept away to portray a more professional front. We also got the library in order (it was a task that has to be completed anyway to host the county library’s Ocotillo program at the end of February.)

The state of the library noon yesterday:


Jenica surveying the collection. Not everything in the card catalog is in the boxes.


The books are not actually a part of our library, they belonged to the college. But they were in the WAY of our new library space.


Saturday will be a long one, but it is a new year for the museum and we are all determined to see another successful programming year.

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