Desert Garden

Harvesting wild Ocotillo blossoms.

Jenica, my colleague here at the museum who specializes in archeology, and I will eventually move to the Museum owned trailers… as soon as they are inhabitable.

We are planning an ethnobotanical garden as our pet project for the new trailers. We have done a bit of prep work, looking up native plants, taking walks to test our identification skills, and hypothosizing about what we might use: No, we are not going to grind flour from seeds, yes we will use desert sage, and we might make mormon tea – but not too much, it can cause temporary bowel problems.


Today we scouted out plants native that grow naturally on the museum property to transplant near the trailers. We couldn’t resist harvesting some Ocotillo blossoms, which are supposed to make a “cool summer drink” when you soak them in water.


After an afternoon of traipsing around the desert, roasting in the 76 degree dry winter sun, in the relative safety of the Museum’s shadow where we didn’t have to worry about getting lost or running out of water, Jenica announced,


“Ocotillo is so much cooler than El Centro!”


“Oh yes,” I thought, “I’ve found another Grand Turk person.”




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