Winding down

The grant seminar is in it’s last days and I can now report that we achieved and exceeded our goal of preparing 9 grants. We prepared 11 grants in total and so far submitted 6. The remainder are waiting for just a few more materials to be collected, or can’t be officially submitted until the new year. We had 30 participants in the seminar, several of who assisted with preparing the grant text. These folks compled approximately 25 hours of work outside the seminar. Staff spent 178 hours outside the seminar contacting prospective project partners, arranging letters of commitment and support, editing and writing grant text and preparing the budgets and work plans. These grants lay out our plans for the museum facility and programming, and they are REALLY GOOD ideas.


We are using my last few days to solidify plans for the conservation assessment that I’ll return to complete in January. The first installment of the new lab equipment begins on Monday.

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