San Diego Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

On the way out of town (I took a red eye) we stopped by the Maritime Museum to waste a few hours.


See here the Indian Star and a USSR submarine in the same shot. Pretty neat. I also spent a lot of time  in the private Gauguin exhibit trying to decipher the french of Le Sourire with the gallery attendant.


We also saw the ship featured in Master and Commander. AND a replica of a ship built around the time of the Harold. Basically it was a “look, that’s the type of anchor outside the TCMN” type of trip.


Duplicate of Harold

Pretty close to Harold


It seems like all I can talk about is the Turks and Caicos, but give me a break… beach front property! When will that ever happen again, I ask you? Anyway, it was a good day in San Diego before flying home.


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