This week I experienced Rotary. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I felt a little guilty even having that thought until someone seated at my lunch table confessed she thought it was the most boring thing when she started coming as a guest years ago. Then she got involved in the Stars program, which mentors youth into becoming leaders from a young age. Lesson: a thing is what you make it.

Personally, I enjoyed the meeting’s speaker. She works for the city council and explained how the Imperial Valley is trying to persuade the Navy to house their new F35C planes at the local NAF. The F35C’s will replace the F18 hornets, a program is set to retire in 2025. It was interesting to hear about the county statistics. The Navy puts about 1 million dollars into the community and bringing the new planes here will open thousands of jobs. I found this to be an amazingly small number. The museum has an agenda to work job creation into every project, and it’s a concept that’s easy to get behind, but it’s a whole other story finding out why it’s such a strongly held goal.

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