On the Road Again

Back in the airport.

This is the fun part (well, aside from security checks and all): the anticipation of what lies ahead. Starting something new, something that will have value, propel you forward. Yes, it’s definitely another step forward.

My serivices have been called in again by Dr. Hitch, who some of you may know directed the museum in the Turks and Caicos when I worked there last year. He’s since moved on to a museum in the desert of southern California. It’s still in the start up stages, so this is museum work as you rarely see: starting a new museum. I’ll learn more in the next few days (or hours if Dr. Hitch has his way, he sets a fast pace, but no worries on my ability to keep up!)

My role will be supervising the efforts of a grant writing seminar for the next 6 weeks, with the goal of submitting 9 before I leave. I’ll be brushing up on the first 2 that we definitely want to apply for on the plane. Today is a work day.

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