On the drive from the airport I was pestering Neal with questions. The only information I could find on Ocotillo, where the museum resides, is that it has a population of about 266 and has a staple bar called the Lazy Lizard.

Enduring question after question with the patience of a saint, he eventually turned to look me straight in the eye and said, “Look, you’ve been here before.”

It wasn’t until the sun came up the next day and I could take stock of my surroundings that I really got what he’d been trying to tell me all night. “This is Grand Turk in the desert.”

What I finally realized is that it’s like going to a McDonald’s in another state: you always know where the bathroom is.

After establishing that key point, I’m settling in with ease. The mountains are beautiful in a dry, menacing sort of way. There are several drinking holes, each with their favorite sort of tenant who are as much a part of the decor as the posters on the wall. Grand Turk all over again.

Tonight I’m having dinner with the kind folks who hosted Neal for the first few months while he settled in. They are letting me borrow a car, which is a godsend. It won’t take me to the nearest town 26 miles away, but it’ll get me around Ocotillo. That’s really all I need anyway. Grand Turk people (Ocotillo) don’t go to Provo (nearest civilized town). I’m Grand Turk people at heart and I don’t get to visit these places often. I plan on sitting tight and enjoying it while I’m here. But a car is necessary (or bike, as was plan B). I’m on my own this weekend and the museum is 2 miles away. The nearest ‘grocery store’ is 2.5 miles. A real grocery store is in town (again, 26 miles away), but the Texaco station is supposed to have a convenience mart of sorts where I can get taco fixings. Not exactly fresh Dominican mangos right off the boat, but haven’t I been saying that what I missed most in Austrailia was black beans and chili powder? Anyway, it’s that or pub fare. I here Rose’s burritos at the Lazy Lizard are the best in town, but I don’t fancy eating them every night… hm, actually I should wait till I try them to say for certain.

2 Responses to Ocotillo

  1. I miss the stark beauty of mountain ringed desert. Enjoy it!

  2. Sharon & Gary

    Glad you have found a new home. Even if it is temporary. Hopefully it will give you peace and guide you to the next place in life!