An Old City in a New Light

Grand Central and Empire StateA friend from Australia happened to be on holiday in NYC just as I’ve returned to the area. I think she saw the city the right way: ignoring the tourist traps and catching some of the local flavor. But I still wanted to make sure she saw some of Midtown Manhattan.


We compromised on the day I accompanied them around the City. I visited the Brooklyn Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art (showing a moving exhibit of Aboriginal Art by a Victorian artist) and she had dinner at Le Bonne Soup, a long time family favorite. MoCADA posterHard to tell who got the good end of that deal. The exhibit, while very small, was intimate and moving. The most prominent installation was a video of people of Aboriginal decent repeating “I forgive you”. This made me very uncomfortable as I thought they were talking to me as the ‘white man’. My friend felt like they were talking to her, essentially forgiving her for not looking more Aboriginal. Heavy stuff.


Before we met up in Brooklyn, I hopped off the train to check out the Occupy Movement. There wasn’t much going on at Wall Street, as the action has been moved to Zucotti square, but there are a dedicated few still carrying on. My friend and I went to visit the square on our way up town. Our hearts are with you, Occupy, even if we aren’t brave enough to live in a tent.Occupy tents


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