A New Look

Philips Island, Victoria

US citizens are familiar with the phrase “separation of church and state” as a literal and fundamentally important separation between political identities. In my personal life, I use this phrase to broadly encompass whatever it is I happen to be referring to at the time. Now it comes to mind as I begin to reorganize my website.

Originally, I planned to reserve jabrody24.com as a place to promote my professional self. Not a terrible idea, right? As it is, we generally modify our behavior for the workplace so there was no reason to think an online resume shouldn’t reflect that reality.

Well, it turns out that work life and personal life are not like “church and state” at all. My work is my passion and shapes much of my personal life. To reflect that reality, I’m restructuring my online presence.

For the moment, my old website can be accessed through: www.jabrody24.com/about.html

My Australian and current adventures are at http://jess-in-aus.blogspot.com/

And my Turks and Caicos National Museum adventures are at http://jess-in-tci.blogspot.com/

(I know, I never should have made a new blog after leaving the TCI. I don’t know why I did that… I should have known better. Part of this new change is an effort to correct that very silly action.)

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