Active train tracks we walk over to get to work. 

One of the documents I ran across this week explained the best way to go when dealing with an invasive pine in a native forest: hand removal.

Weeding in a forest.

Puts 250 archive boxes into perspective, doesn’t it?

This week my archiving partner and I spent bonding with the inhabitants of the office. The field workers whose space we have invaded keep offering to take us on drives around the country. The people in the office have offered to set up security access so we can use the kitchen facilities after hours (there being none in the motel). It’s country hospitality at it’s best.

I’m just jumping at the chance to use that hospitality to experience some of the unique experiences available only in the Aussie bush.

One of my goals for this assignment is to get the field workers to take me for a ride in one of the big toys. There is no guarantee that they’ll have cause to use them while we’re out here, but as the 3 week project has been extended to at least 6 the odds are looking up.

Anyway, I’ve gotten close.

The big guns.

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