Tuvol of the Archives

It started simple: finish putting the binders in order and we’ll head down to the cruise center. I’ve created an archives monster. We had to take pictures of his work. Then he got the opportunity to show off to one of the students who stopped by to reserve computer time.

It seems he’s changed his opinion that archives are just old junk. Well, maybe it hasn’t gone that far, but he has decided that it’s fun old junk. It makes me laugh that he enjoys labeling folders. He’s a natural at what is possibly the most hated job in archives internships (after removing staples). It’s also slightly aggravating that a 13-year-old volunteer is executing with precision a job I had to pay tuition to get a shot at (but that’s another story). Let’s just say that Tuvol gets mad at me if I label folders without him – that’s his “department”, as he says when he explains the archives process.

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