Family Friends

I feel so loved by this island at the moment. I had family friends (actually, they are close enough to be called family) coming in off the Carnival Miracle today on their 50th Anniversary Cruise. We had a wonderful day starting with the patent Neal Hitch Tour of the Island. I was supposed to give a special tour to a group of young pilots at the museum at 11am so we finished our history lesson in the “big artifact” room of the museum while we waited to hear from the distinguished group.

They ended up canceling again, which was a big disappointment for me. I’d prepared a slam-bang finish for them and was really looking forward to showing off the best parts of the museum collections. I gave the tour to my family instead, so at least it didn’t go to waste. They loved it.

Just as we were about to leave the museum for a swim down at the cruise center, the head of the Tourism Board pulled up in his car. He’s the person I’d been working with to host a tour for the young pilot group. When he found out my family was in town he decided to give them a little something extra – just because they were my family. Cufflinks for the Gentleman and a TCI pin for the Lady, and some other goodies – Caribbean music CD’s, a DVD of pictures of the island, etc. That made us all feel special. Good job Tourism Board: my friends will never forget Grand Turk and my work love tank just got filled a little higher.

We continued the day with a trip for lunch to the new local sensation Joan’s Place. Almost as good as a New York deli. The day finished back at the cruise center for a quick swim and a bit of relaxation.

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  1. Jessica Allyn Brody

    Posted by request:

    We both feel that while the cruise was excellent, the visit to Grand Turk Island with you was absolutely the highlight of our cruise. You are doing such a good job as museum curator, and we also noticed that your bond with the people of the area is priceless.

    Our time spent with you Jess, will not be forgotten as it was, for us, a unique experience. We thank you for your wonderful hospitality.