After School Program Mid-way Update

Some of my regular students wanted their pictures taken. I told them I already had one and that they were sure to be on my blog. (They’d had way too much sugar that day and I meant it in the sort of way that they’d be the villains in the story, not the heroes.)

Despite the sugar rush of the other day, I can also say quite a few nice things about these ladies. Keisha (front left) paid mild attention while I showed her some art pieces in the Met Museum database while she was searching for information on African Art. We are reaching a new level at the After School Program. I’m trying to show them resources they can use in the future that have additional educational value – like the descriptions in the catalogs. At the very least Kiesha learned that the Queen Mother Pendant has little Portuguese men woven into her hair (and didn’t blindly pull pictures labeled “African Art” off Google Images).

Veknia (back right) insists that she’s not copying off Wikipedia. When I tell her that I know she’s lying she tells me, “I’m not lying. I’m tricking you, Miss.” Suuure you are. It’s an improvement though – at least now they know that plagiarism is wrong. She’s also stopped beating up the boys. Good girl!

Wilange (back left) asked me for help with her math homework. She distinctly said “Math”, not “Mats” as they call it here. How long ago did we have the math/mats conversation? 3 months at least. She’s a quick one. She says she wants to be a doctor and I believe she can do it.

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