I had a good feeling today…

I’m not quite sure what to do with myself at this point. Today was pretty crazy. There were two cruise ships in today and one of our staff members went home early – she’s slightly 4 months pregnant. Did I mention I had to get 150 photos digitized (and only 2 fit on the scanner at a time) before tomorrow morning? Always a fun Friday night if you are hanging out with me! Poor Rory also made the mistake of sitting upstairs while the museum’s after hours event went on and I was busy digitizing away when suddenly the noise downstairs stopped. The party had moved on without us.

Un-discouraged and with plenty on my plate, I’ve been SUPER productive. I took care of a few office things to get Neal out the door tomorrow and over to Provo. I got the images digitized and onto a DVD-R. I should mention at this point that most of the digitizing work was done by our amazing Tech person, while I was out front covering tours. Go Team!

The party was all cleaned up, I sent out a thank you note for the event, and now am wondering if I have the energy to finish this blog let alone attempt another task.

. . . . .

I’m saved, no more work. I just got a hold of Neal who realized that we got left at the museum without transportation. I’m going to post this and shut down for the night.

Not a bad day. I even acquired a autographed copy of Talking Taino for my collection. Sweet.

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