Help! Help! I have to be civilized!

The last time I was here, I kept my windows open all night, soaked in the sounds of the islands and praised island life and warm temperatures.

Well, it’s not the hot season anymore and the mosquitoes are bolder. I no longer keep my windows open.

Until tonight. Neal hung a mosquito net up for me. This way I can use the wind to keep the air moving and the humidity off. Otherwise I’d have to run the fan all night (as everything is expen$ive here, costs add up fast).

One of the conditions the net going up was that the room needed to look worthy. Which turned out to mean pretty. I tried to push for the striped design, but Neal was dissatisfied. Holding down my bile, I agreed to use the flowery side of the comforter. Small price to pay, in the long run.

But that wasn’t the end. The bottom sheet also needed to be changed – to pristine white. This means that I have to wash my feet before I get into bed at night. Bummer. Civilized is not really my style.

I didn’t mind using the worn down nasty looking sheets. First of all, I’ve never been very good at caring for nice things. Second of all, one of the appeals of this island is its wild feel. We are on a sand bar! Sand gets into everything and ocean’s salt sticks to you. It’s almost not worth fighting against. In the common areas, OK, yes, we try to keep those livable, but my bedroom is my sanctuary. Anywhere else I’d hear my mother saying “Your not getting into bed like THAT!” and trot off to take a shower, but here on-island she leaves me alone (at least on that issue) and I happily crawl into bed with sandy feet and tangled hair. I told myself I was saving water. It’s a sacrifice, really.

Those excuses won’t work with white sheets. My grandmother’s going to be living on my shoulder from now on. Fun times over.

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