Anti-Valentine’s Day

Usually I’m pretty apathetic about V-day. I’m happy to celebrate it when I have reason and equally happy to ignore it when I don’t.

This year I’m bitter. This year I hate Valentine’s Day. I keep telling Neal we have to do lots of anti-valentine’s day activities so we can blog about it. I was imaging a big scheming plot, but it seems that we are just going to revenge upon V-day by living it as every other day. But just below the surface there is something lurking. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think it has to do with the effort we are going to to ignore V-day – it makes it obvious that we are trying and it’s giving the day extra weight. Or maybe it’s just me. I should speak for myself. I’m feeling the weight of the day.

Anyway, we only made the mistake of watching the end of one sappy love movie. We were doing really well before that. Neal and Rory were playing video games, saving Europe during WWII or something when I woke up at noon. I was talking to Simon till all hours last night. Since work has been busy lately, we haven’t had a proper chat all week. I would have stayed on the phone all night and into the morning if he didn’t have to go. It was the middle of Sunday for him and time to get moving. 3am on Saturday for me.

It looks like the rest of the day will be spent watching Band of Brothers until our visitors the archeologists arrive at 5. Next week starts the excavation of a Lucayan site that will be turned into a development in a few months. Law states there has to be a survey of the site before construction can begin. Actually it’s more like we have X amount of time to do a survey before they start bulldozing.

Then more Olympics. Men’s moguls and short program figure skating is on tonight. At least it’s not couple’s skating. Happy Valentine’s day everyone.

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