Science Club for Girls

Images courtesy of Science Club for Girls’ Picasa Web Album.

Science Club for Girls Event, Boston

I was lucky enough to attend the 15th Anniversary for the Science Club for Girls in Boston, MA. This is an amazing group that started out grassroots and is going international very soon – impressive for such a short time period. The whole premise of the group is to teach girls about science and the scientific method in after school programs and then, if they are interested, hire them as junior advisors to teach the younger girls. In teaching they learn more!


Listening to the stories of the girls – from 6 – 17 yrs – was so impressive. They were confident, enthusiastic about what they learned, and proud of themselves – as they should be. Girls of young ages excited to go to college and learn! It was beautiful to see. We need more of this!! There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to emphasize the impression this organization made. It’s not very large, but it’s impact is going to be wide spread. Congratulations to the girls, their organizers, and the volunteers for all their work. I felt like my complaints could be solved with programs like these. Sign me up!


Also at the event, I had an opportunity to rub elbows with people devoted to encouraging education in a big way. It was a real pleasure to see so many people who pledged their careers and resources to various stages of the education process. I was a bit star struck, but everyone was willing to chat and share their views on how we can support groups like Science Club for Girls. I also had a few offers to “come into the office for a chat”, so I’m looking forward to continuing the discussions.


Talking Sticks DemonstrationIncidentally, the Science Club for Girls celebrated their birthday by giving out “talking sticks”. They were such fun little toys. By rubbing your thumbnail across the ridged side it makes a noise that says “Happy Birthday”. I brought it into the MIT Archives and it got played with so much it ended up in pieces! Next on the agenda is the Special Libraries Association Annual Meeting, or SLA 2009. I’m looking forward to supporting my friend as she presents her paper and to networking with new people. My goal for the conference is to explore the little known areas of librarianship. I need some more information on what’s out there before I can put together my 10 year plan. (As if the 5 year plan isn’t hard enough). Speaking of planning, I have to be honest. I have been a little shaky about which direction to walk in next. Which direction is the best next step? Then suddenly I had a moment of clarity where I remembered that life is a journey. It doesn’t matter which direction you walk in, so long as you’re walking. And I? I always find ways around obstacles and pessimism. Heck, people told me I’d never get into graduate school and here I am with another b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l wall hanging – my Masters diploma. So, this situation is no different: if I just keep taking small, small steps forward, then at least I’m moving forward.

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